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If there was one discovery that the locksmith industry takes pride in then that would be the master key system. While locks have been around for centuries, they’re subjected to constant evolution and one such change came in the way these locks were operated. Ever wondered why your apartment supervisor doesn’t carry a bunch of keys with him? That’s because all the locks in the apartment are rekeyed to a master key system. All it takes is a single key to gain access to every door in the building – and that’s known as the master key. 

Do I need it?

While it is quite advantageous, ask yourself this question before you jump in on the bandwagon and install a master key system for your apartment or business. Amber Locksmith Store is a popular locksmith service firm operating in Des Plaines, IL area that is renowned for its master key solutions. Consult with our expert to know the feasibility of the option before opting for it

How to avail this great feature?

Simple, pick up the phone and call Amber Locksmith Store at 847-603-3309 to avail our rekey to master key system services. Our experts will arrive at your location, assess your need, feasibility of implementing this feature and will get started right away. All the locks in your premises are rekeyed to operate with a single master key. Each lock also responds to its unique change key, apart from the master key. 

Set up a hierarchical master key system

Security is a vital, inseparable part of running a business. You not only have to stay cautious of threats outside, but must also safeguard important assets and crucial data from employees within. If you want to designate the right level of access to the right people, it can be quite difficult without a master key system. While the business leaders get a master key, other employees will carry sub-master keys that restrict access to critical business zones. 

Master key system rekey

Amber Locksmith Store Des Plaines, IL 847-603-3309In businesses where managers and employees constantly fluctuate or in apartments where the ownership is newly transferred to someone else you might need to rekey your locks to eliminate any possibilities of a master or sub-master key being used by an ex-employee or former tenants. There are also instances where a master key is lost or may fall into the wrongs hands. Our professional locksmith will rekey the master key system to make sure all the locks are operated by a new set of keys.

For the perfect solution to control the access within and to your premises, rekey to master key system today and explore the tremendous benefits of this feature. Call Amber Locksmith Store today!